Reclaimed Wood Creations

Ron specializes in building custom, unique, reclaimed wood creations and live edge, wood furniture and that will accent any home or business with a rustic and contemporary look.  From built-in entertainment centers and book cases to desks and headboards.

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Floating Live-Edge Breakfast Bar

Personalized Details

The details of your house reflect who you are, nurture your spirit, and express to the world your past experiences, your current interests, and your future dreams.  We feel “at home” when we live with those we love and believe that the space we inhabit reflects our truest selves.

Perhaps your holiday parties are becoming a regular event and you have decided that it’s time to build a custom bar.  Maybe you just acquired a new piece of art or inherited a priceless family heirloom that you would like to showcase.  Perhaps your library has grown so big that you are ready to build the custom wall bookcase replete with a rolling ladder that you have always dreamed of.

Personalized details are the highlights of your home; simple but elegant solutions that accent who you are.


Reclaimed Barn Wood Walls and Sliding Barn Doors


Reclaimed Barn Wood Walls


Reclaimed Pallet Wood Headboards with Floating Night Stand Shelves


Reclaimed Barn Wood Headboard


Cable & Reclaimed Wood Railing


Custom Built-In Book Shelf Co-Created with Pauly Anderson and Made of 100-Year Old Reclaimed Timbers 



More of Ron’s Reclaimed Wood Creations can be found in our Gallery.