Custom Renovations

Ron is an artist, master craftsman, and licensed general contractor.  He and his team do everything from major high-end renovations to lower-cost but highly visible custom changes.

Specialized Kitchens

The kitchen is the place devoted to food where meals are made and eaten everyday but it is so much more than that.  It is the place where you read the daily newspaper with your morning cup of coffee, where your kids do their homework, and where you and your significant other catch up at the end of the day while dinner is being made.  The kitchen is where holidays are celebrated with family and friends and memories are made of all the unforgettable moments in between.  The kitchen is truly the heart of your home.

Give your kitchen the attention it deserves.  As the busiest room in your home your kitchen should fit your everyday life, whether you’re an aspiring chef, a busy family, or a world-class host.  A well designed kitchen remodel not only can add value to your home but will transform a cramped living space into a custom designed space that is functional and beautiful.  A facelift for your kitchen will have your home’s heart beating stronger, and pulsing with more life.


Renovation Bend Oregon

Tailored Bathrooms

The bathroom is tied to small rituals.  It’s a place where you can relax for 10 minutes before the stress of the day or unwind after a long day of work when you come home.  You may have discovered that your master bathroom can be your own private escape -a place to relax and rejuvenate while disconnecting from the fast-pace and high-stress world around you.

So why are you in a hurry to leave yours? Perhaps it is the outdated tile, the worn out fixtures, or the deteriorating ceiling.  If your bathroom is an eyesore you’re not alone.  Bathrooms are second only to kitchens on people’s wish list for remodels.  It is well known that upgraded bathrooms help homes sell and are known to be great investment.  But beyond that a simple renovation with a few great ideas can help transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary with a little more peace and quiet and become a place to relax and linger in your own spa-like atmosphere.


Sunriver Ski Chalet Kitchen Renovation


Custom High-End Outdoor Kitchen


Renovation of a Historic Philadelphia Brownstone

With 4 Apartments and a Doctors Office on the Ground Floor


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